Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Warm Sound for a Warm Day

It was a nice warm day today with some warm sounds coming from a low brass trio.  Brass trio’s are traditionally for the upper brass, but there are more and more trios for low brass being composed and arranged for as the instrumentation works just as well for this setup as a high brass trio.

This piece is called Prelude and Fugue on “Old Friends” and has a bit of inspiration from Simon and Garfunkel according to the composer.  It was performed by the International Low Brass Trio, uploaded in 2013, and is fairly solid performance by this group.  The sound quality is not great as it is a live recording and there could have been some post production to help raise the quality a bit.  The performance, though, is quite good and it is a good piece of music to learn and listen to (right here).

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