Saturday, April 23, 2016

I'm a Sucker For Weird

So, the first listening presentation I had featured a piece for brass quintet and tape.  At first, I was pretty excited to play something new and interesting for the class, but the tape part wasn't as apparent as I had hoped, so I was slightly disappointed by it.

However, I have found and listened to another better piece for brass quintet and tape that I would like to share for this blog today.  This piece is titled Signals and it is performed by the New Mexico Brass Quintet in 1981.

One of the nice things available along with this recording is a link to the full score, parts, and tape part.  Not only is this nice as a way to get a performance of this yourselves if you wish, but it was also really useful in studying while listening along to the piece and seeing how the electronics fit in to the piece.

The piece is in four movements with the first movement being the most tuneful of the movements.  The tape in the first movement is used similarly to the tape in the other brass quintet and tape piece.  The other three movements are far more different and abstract.  It's a pretty decent recording and the musicians do a good job of keeping and staying together with themselves and the tape.

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