Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Almost Forgot to Add a Title

The last piece featuring brass and organ might have had poor-ish quality sound in the recording, but this next piece is quite strong and good.  This is a full recording, taking just over an hour long, of several pieces arranged and composed for brass, percussion, and organ.  The performers include the Empire Brass along with organist Michael Murray and this album was released in 1989.  

The performance as well as the quality of the recording is quite phenomenal.  It has just the right volume and power that a collaboration of this kind should expect and the performance is really worth listening to.  This album is nice not just for the performance, but it also has a nice mix of different genres of music.  Most of it is older, Medieval or Baroque style tunes and arrangements for brass and organ, but their are some modern works in this album as well that are worth listening to.

All the works, as well as the names of each of the performers, can be found in the recording link.

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