Saturday, April 23, 2016

If Only It Was Played Better

This next piece features a piece by the composer and organist Hans-Andre Stamm.  It is called Passio for Brass Quintet and Organ and is performed with Stamm on Organ and the brass quintet Ensemble Mondial in 2014 at Abtei Marienstatt, Westerwald, Germany.  Passio refers to the transition from the mortal state to the resurrection and is clearly expressed in this piece, particularly the second half of it which features in old Medieval tune called "Christ ist erstanden".  

The piece itself is quite wonderful to listen to and would be an excellent piece to learn and perform for an Easter service assuming the sheet music can be obtained and all the performers have high standards.  Unfortunately, this particular recording is not very good in my opinion, as there appears to be issues with wrong notes and the musicians don't stay together very well and they seem to have several late entrances.  Stamm is quite good with the organ and the organ itself has a very large and appropriate sound for this piece, but it would be that much better if the brass quintet could play at a higher level than they are in this recording.

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