Friday, April 22, 2016

To Infinity and Beyond!

(One note before I get started.  I am not making money on this post and I highly doubt any of the creators of a certain animated Franchise will be reading this anyway, so I am probably safe.)

Anyway, back to brass music.

Tonight, we are going to keep on rolling with brass bands but examine a much different style, performance, and ensemble of brass band music.  This is the Grimethorpe Colliery Band performing Infinity at the English National Brass Band Championships in 2008.  A full link of the video can be found here.

As for the performance itself, while I am sure the musicians did a wonderful job and should be proud of there accomplishments, much of the sound featured in this group is not much better than the other brass band featured in this blog earlier.  While there are certain moments that really shine, such as the end with a full brass fortissimo and then ending on a soft piano section, there are other parts where the tone of certain sections of the ensemble really degenerate and sound just way to overblown in this recording.  It is a certain style of performance and I am sure it is probably well done and appropriate for this style of ensemble, but it is still not my preferred method of performing nor do I purposely listen to this type of playing without a reason.

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